Fukuoka's Appeal

Access to Fukuoka

Fukuoka has top class access, with the comprehensive transportation network allowing rapid transfer from Fukuoka airport and Hakata Station, the city’s railroad hub, and to all the other major locations within the city. From Fukuoka airport, most hotels and major points downtown can be reached by subway, bus, or taxi within 10-20 minutes. With signs and free maps in English-Chinese-Korean, this city is easy and care-free for first-time visitors to walk around on their own.

International Flights

[ Great International Access ]
1. Fukuoka City is the closest metropolitan in Japan to other Asian major cities (ex: Fukuoka-Seoul 1 Hour, Fukuoka-Shanghai 1 Hour 40 min., Taipei 2 Hours). This is certainly an advantage for convention participants from Asia and for organizers to increase the participation.

2. Access from Europe, Americas and Oceania is also swift and easy via major Asian hub airports. For instance, Incheon Korea has abundant direct inter-continental flights which allow you straight through check-in. The number of international direct flight services to Fukuoka is continuously growing.

Direct International Flights from/to Fukuoka Airport (as of Aug. 2012)
Domestic Flights

22 Cities (as of June 2009) in Japan are connected through direct domestic flights, allowing easy access for participants from other cities of Japan. It is also convenient for overseas participants to transit via Haneda airport in Tokyo since there are 92 flights to Fukuoka a day.

Direct Domestic Flights to 22 Cities
Tokyo Haneda(92Flights/Day)
Tokyo Narita (8Flights/Day)
Nagoya Chubu(28Flights/Day)
Shinshu Matsumoto
Nagoya (Komaki)
Osaka (Itami)
Major Transportation
[Air]   Fukuoka Airport Building Co., Ltd
[Shinkansen(Bullet Train) Railway] To other parts of Japan JR West
Within Kyushu JR Kyushu
[Ship] International Route To Busan
Jetfoil (2 Hours 55min), Ferry (Approx. 6 Hours)
Access to Other Parts of Kyushu

You can easily travel to other parts of Kyushu by using the rapid train of JR Kyushu or by bus or taxi on highway expressway. In 2011, Kyushu Shinkansen (bullet train) Kagoshima Route will open its entire line. This will enable passengers to travel from Hakata to Kagoshima (289km) in 80 min. and Osaka to Kagoshima in 4 hours.

Access to City's Center from Fukuoka Airport

Fukuoka has great access from Fukuoka airport to Hakata Station (city’s railway hub) in 5 minutes and 11 minutes to downtown Tenjin by subway. It only takes 10 minutes to get to the city’s center. Major tourist sites can be reached within 20 minutes.

Access within Fukuoka City
Fukuoka City Subway Nishitetsu Bus and Train JR Kyushu
Fukuoka City Map
Fukuoka City Map

FukuokaCityMap Download(PDF)