What’s up in Fukuoka

What’s up in Fukuoka

Arrival of MS Bremen to Port of Hakata!

at 2011/06/13

Dated on 3rd of June (FRI)

                               Ryoko Takano, Cruise Coordinator

An Adventure Cruise Ship “MS Bremen” arrived at Port of Hakata on 3rd of JUNE.


<The ship appearing out of foggy Hakata bay around 7a.m. >


Staff from Kyushu District Transport Bureau, Fukuoka City Hall and Fukuoka Convention and Visitors Bureau (FCVB) welcomed the Ship with a banner saying "Welcome to Fukuoka”.


A new facility called “Welcome Gate” were opened especially for the tour participants at the port, and the passengers of Bremen enjoyed gathering information and shopping for Hakata confectionaries and souvenirs there.




Around 8:30 a.m., most of the passengers went out for Bus tours to nearby tourist sites including Fukuoka tower, Dazaifu, Kyushu National Arts museum and City suburbs.




Meanwhile, Fukuoka City officials led by Mayor Takashima went on board to hold a welcome ceremony. 

A Cruise Coordinator, Mrs. Gabriele Engler, gave them a tour inside the ship with detailed explanation about the interior facilitiy and the ship's operation.




MS Bremen is a ship based in Hamburg, Germany, with the passenger capacity of 168 persons and Gross Tonnage of 6752. The idea of its tours is to take passengers on adventures through the most spectacular environments on the planet, with expeditions around the world led by a team of experts.

The interior of the ship was decorated with pictures of wild animals to show the company's tour theme "Fronteer Spirit".




The connection between the cruise company and Japan goes back a long way since Mitsubishi Heavy material built the ship in Kobe Shipyard in 1990.

To celebrate the strong ties with the prestegious cruise company, Mayor Takashima opened the ceremony with his speech and gave a memorial plaque to Mr.Roman Obrist, the captain of the ship, as a token of their friendship.




More gifts were presented from Fukuoka City such as a plaque made of Aritayaki pottery and Hakata doll, along with a bouquet given by Mr. Matsumoto, Chief Executive of Fukuoka City Port and Harbor Bureau,  to Mrs. Engler.


After closing the ceremony with a speech, Captain Obrist gave a special tour for the group around the Bridge-wheel horse. Along the corridor, he showed the memorabilias presented by the previous ports and said that one from Fukuoka City will be displayed among them.




After a short stay in Fukuoka, MS Bremen headed for the next destiination Osaka being waved farewell by Fukuokan people and the sound of drum orchestra as they departed.





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