What’s up in Fukuoka

What’s up in Fukuoka

SIU Night of Société Internationale d'Urologie 2012 was held in Kawabata Shopping Arcade!

at 2012/10/03
SIU Night, the feature event of Société Internationale d'Urologie 2012 was held in Kawabata Shopping Arcade this Monday (October 1st).
The SIU Congress this year enjoyed about 2800 participants from 93 different countries and regions gathering at Fukuoka Convention Zone from 29th September to 4th October. As the initiating event, the Opening Ceremony was held on the 30th September at Fukuoka Sun Palace, receiving an honorary presence of His Royal Highness, the Crown Prince Naruhito, to celebrate an annual congregation of the world’s largest urological association.

On the 1st October, the feature cultural-experiencing function “SIU Night” was held around the area of Kawabata Shopping Arcade, Kushida Shrine, Hakata Folk Museum and Traditional Craft Center. Holding an convention’s party in a shopping arcade was certainly unprecedented, and gathered attention from all kinds of parties in and out of Fukuoka.

At around 7 p.m., the participants started to arrive at the registration area in Kushida Shrine, where the main stage for entertainment was set, dressed up in party attires with some ladies in traditional Japanese Kimonos. This event was specially presented by Fukuoka City Hall with the cooperation of SIU Central Office, relevant companies, and most importantly of the volunteering citizens, with a view to creating the intimate atmosphere among the convention participants and the locals.

The arcade was decorated with a touch of typical Japanese festival, besides many of the merchants cooperated in the event welcoming the participants to try out the local food and fun. 

Professor Seiji Naito of Kyushu University, the chair of Local Organizing Committee, as well as the Mayor Takashima gave welcoming speeches in between the entertainments of Hakata Kenban (geisha performance), music, trick performance and the like in the Shrine. There was also a stage in the Arcade, where the participants passing by also could take part in drum and music performances.

Hakata Traditional Craft Museum and Folk Museum were both bustling with the visitors all night, enjoying putting on Kimono and listening to jazz music performance while trying out local food.
The Arcade was full of life through the entire evening, with big smiles on the participants, shop keepers, volunteers and walk-in locals alike, all creating an unforeseen atmosphere.
It was truly rewarding for all of us in the Bureau and Fukuoka City Hall to see these few years’ effort and preparation finally blossomed beautifully. We hope that everyone had a great time to bring back good memories to their homes, and in the future they will come back to this hospitable city of Fukuoka with their families and friends.