What’s up in Fukuoka

What’s up in Fukuoka

The test operation of the Free Shuttle Bus ''You Me-town Hakata'' Route for cruise ship crew

at 2012/08/25

We felt that as the Voyager of the Seas crew disembarked at the Hakata port that we could do more to assist in their transportation needs to get to ''You Me-town Hakata''(a medium-sized shopping mall). In order to change this we introduced a Free Shuttle bus for the crew to be able to visit there with an extended visit whilst docked at Hakata port.


On Aug.16th 2012 we took the first test operation of the Free Shuttle Bus You Me-town Route for a cruise ship crew using the unoccupied hours of this Bus. Thanks to a previous notice in the Cruise ship, a lot of crew attended this program.




Volunteer interpreter’s known as “Welcome-Supporters" help us to explain to the English speaking crew


This further assistance allowed the crew to relax and really enjoy their time off and extended their opportunity for shopping and recreation.


We would like to consider another tentative plan if there's a demand for more crew tours in the future.


Excerpt from an information bulletin issued by Fukuoka Convention & Visitors Bureau, called ‘’Ocean’s Fukuoka’’ for 2012 autumn.