What’s up in Fukuoka

What’s up in Fukuoka

Compact Fukuoka City Guidebook with Japanese customs included

at 2012/11/29

This compact book is given out to Chinese tourists from their arrival at the port of hakata and has been published since September 2012.

It’s user-friendly and easy to understand and includes information on how to behave whilst visiting Japan and indeed Fukuoka including Japanese codes of public conduct such as refuse disposal, smoking, social behavior as well as travel advice for buses and taxi’s
and list of emergency hospitals with Chinese language support.


This compact book is split into two sides one which highlights Japanese etiquette and the another including details on the major sightseeing spots of Fukuoka and an introduction to the new open top double decker sightseeing bus.

Manners and customs vary greatly from country to country. We believe this book will be a helpful for fitting into the Fukuoka and making your visit as pleasant as possible.


We hope everyone have a great time in this hospitable city of Fukuoka!


Excerpt from an information bulletin issued by Fukuoka Convention & Visitors Bureau, called ‘’Ocean’s Fukuoka’’ for 2012 autumn.