What’s up in Fukuoka

What’s up in Fukuoka

The Largest Luxury Liner Voyager of the seas, the last port of call at Hakata in 2012!

at 2012/10/30

  3840 total passenger capacity ‘’Voyager of the Seas‘’ of Royal Caribbean on 10th of October docked at port of Hakata for the last port of call.


Voyager of the Seas is referred to as a "Floating hotel" due to the range of facilities that it offers. According to Royal Caribbean Cruises, The ship is 311 meters long, 48 meters wide and 63 meters high, 137000 gross tonnages.


This Cruise ship docked at Hakata Port on 21th of June for the first time in 2012 and after that they visited Hakata port 11 times in this year.

Voyager of the Seas at hakata port


With this ship, tourists could travel to Tianjin→Hakata→Jeju→Amoi→Hong Kong→Ho Chi Minh→Bangkok→Singapore in 15 days. 2850 tourist visited Fukuoka this day, and most of the Passengers from Europe and America.


On 10th of October, We welcomed them all our support.


At Hakata Port International Terminal, Volunteer interpreters, “Welcome-Supporters" were welcomed tourists with big smile. The map of Fukuoka and the ‘’Fukuoka City Visitor’s Guide’’ were distributed to each tourist by them.


Welcome performance of Marching band


Cruise ship passengers disembarked at the port and planning on doing the sights of the city when Cruise ship arrived at Hakata Port.


Volunteer interpreters known as “Welcome-Supporters" caters for the independent traveler to create a more friendly environment. They gave a city map and answering many questions about a popular tourist attraction like Fukuoka Tower, Kushida shrine or double decker sightseeing  open Top Bus etc.


They can use free shuttle bus between Welcome Gate to Hakata Port International Terminal which Fukuoka city Port & Harbor Bureau operated and Fukuoka City Taxi association interpreted for tourist at taxi stand.

Cruise ship crew disembarked at the port as same as passengers and they taking a short break at Welcome Gate.

The evening twilight time, tourist back from their travels!


They enjoyed last minute shopping for Hakata confectionaries and souvenirs at the ''Promotion Space '' which is located by the pier.




Japanese drum performers ‘’Nowa-Daiko’’ and traditional Japanese Geisha ‘’Hakata-kenban’’ were popular with tourist as farewell performance.

After a short stay in Fukuoka, the “Voyager of the seas headed for the next destination around 8:00 pm. Enjoy the rest of your trip and See you next year!


Provision of InformationPort & Harbor Bureau, The City Of Fukuoka.