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Convention News & Report

Come join our festivals in Fukuoka and make your new year a happy one!

at 2013/01/17

Setsubun Festival February 3rd (Sun) Kushida Shrine, Tochoji Temple


Setsubun is a festival held in the beginning of February to drive away evil spirits by throwing soy beans outside the house and yelling “Fuku wa uchi, oni wa soto!” (Demons out! Luck in!) You should definitely check out the setsubun festival held in Kushida Shrine. Visitors to the shrine will pass through a huge mouth of otafuku (woman of good fortune), which is the biggest in Japan, set up at the gate of the shrine and wish for good luck.
Tochoji Temple, located within 3 minute walk from Kushida Shrine, is also a must visit. The seven gods of fortune and otafuku will appear at the temple site, and beans, snacks, rice cakes and fruits will be scattered from a special stage, which attract many visitors every year. Make sure to visit and collect fuku.



Pass through the Mouth of Otafuku at the Sanmon Gate for a year’s worth of good luck during the Setsubun Festival (Kushida Shrine)



                                                   A demon and Otafuku standing at the gate [Tochoji]