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Fukuoka was ranked the 10th in "Most Livable Cities" List by "MONOCLE" magazine in 2014!

at 2014/07/14

  A British lifestyle information magazine, "MONOCLE" announced that Fukuoka City was ranked 10th in its "Most Livable Cities" List in 2014.


 "MONOCLE" magazine, published in July/August, 2014



  The magazine announces top 25 livable cities in the world every year, and in 2014 Fukuoka first placed within top 10th position in the list!

   On the other hand, Tokyo(2nd) and Kyoto(9th) also raised their ranking in 2014, and it means Japan's cities have been highly evaluated as a city easy to live in.


 Ranking of a livable city by "MONOCLE" magazine

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  In the magazine, the livable city is evaluated some indicators such as Accessibility, Safety and  cutural facilities etc.
   The extract of the evaluation from the magazine is as follows;
<High evaluation point>
  • Public transport -Safe, clean and efficient. The metro connects the city centre and the airport (domestic and international) in 15 minutes.


  • More than half of the city is covered in greenery; mountains, beaches and farms are not far away.


  • Crime is low, small businesses are thriving and commuting by bicycle has become a popular option.


  • It's no surprise that Fukuoka is Japan's fastest-growing city. The city's recent designation as a national strategic economic zone should help its prospects too.


 <Monocle fix> 
*Recommendation from "MONOCLE"
  • Make the most use of the existing youth population in the city. That doesn't just mean inviting domestic and Asian talents; perhaps send local talents overseas and bring them home stronger and sharper.