Fukuoka's Appeal


Stress-free connection from the World and Asia

Major cities in East Asia are within 2,000 km of Fukuoka. There are many direct flights from overseas to Fukuoka. Fukuoka is the only city in East Asia that can hold international conferences in which foreign attendees can participate in one-day events and return home the same day. By taking advantage of the convenient location, a number of important international meetings in the Asia-Pacic region have been held in the city, such as the historic “Japan-China-South Korea Trilateral Summit” held at the Kyushu National Museum in Dazaifu city in 2008. In addition, thanks to good connections to international hub airports, the access between European/American cities and Fukuoka is also easy.

1.2 million foreigners visit Fukuoka annually. The number of foreign visitors to Fukuoka has been increasing every year.

The number of foreigners entering Japan through Fukuoka Airport or the Port of Hakata in 2014 was 1.2 million, up 300,000 from the previous year, and hit a record high for three consecutive years. With the largest number of tourists coming from Korea, there are also many tourists from Taiwan, China, Hong Kong and Thailand, while there has been a strong increase in the number of visitors from Germany, in addition to Thailand, Hong Kong, Singapore, and the Netherlands, which have direct flights to Fukuoka.

Number of foreigners entering Japan through Fukuoka Airport or the Port of Hakata Changes by nationality or by region

Source: “Number of foreigners entering Japan in 2014 (final figures)” compiled by Tourism Industry Section, Economy, Tourism & Culture Bureau of the Fukuoka City Government

FukuokaInternational Flights (272/week)
City Travel Time(Number of Trips/Per Week)
Seoul 1h 20m(70)
Busan 55m(42)
Shanghai 1h 40m(42)
Beijing (including via) 4h 25m(14)
Dalian 2h 00m(7)
Guangzhou 3h 20m(3)
Nanjing 2h 15m(3)
Chengdu (via) 5h 45m(3)
Kaohsiung 3h 00m(5)
Qingdao (via) 2h 20m(7)
Wuhan (via) 4h 30m(7)
Taipei (including via) 2h 40m(28)
Hong Kong (including via) 3h 55m(21)
Manila 3h 35m(7)
Bangkok (including via) 5h 55m(14)
Singapore (including via) 6h 35m(14)
Hanoi 4h 55m(4)
Ho Chi Minh 5h 25m(2)
Guam 3h 45m(7)
Honolulu 7h 50m(7)
Helsinki(Summer) 10h 30m(3)
International Ferry and High Speed Ferry (26/week)
City Travel Time(Number of Trips/Per Week)
Busan(Ferry) 5h 30m(7)
Busan(High Speed Ferry) 2h 55m(19)
Major Domestic Flights (784/week)
City Travel Time(Number of Trips/Per Week)
Haneda (Tokyo) 1h 30m(378)
Narita (Chiba) 1h 45m(84)
Chubu Centrair Int’l (Aichi) 1h 10m(84)
Komaki (Aichi) 1h 20m(35)
Kansai Int’l (Osaka) 1h 00m(42)
Itami (Osaka) 1h 10m(84)
New Chitose (Sapporo) 2h 10m(35)
Sendai (Miyagi) 1h 40m(42)
Shinkansen (250/day)
City Travel Time(Number of Trips/Per Week)
Tokyo 5h 10m(32)
Nagoya 3h 25m(34)
Kyoto 2h 45m(34)
Shin-Osaka 2h 30m(69)
Hiroshima 1h 05m(81)