Fukuoka's Appeal

Compact and Stress-free

Stress-free connection to the World and Asia

The airport, conference facilities and downtown area are located within a 2.5 km radius of each other. Compact yet highly attractive city

Fukuoka is one of the major cities around the world that has the best access from the airport to the city center. It takes only 5 minutes from Fukuoka Airport to JR Hakata Station, the city’s central station, by metro, while it takes 10 minutes from the airport to Tenjin, the center of the city. The airport, conference facilities and the downtown area are all located within a 2.5 km radius of each other, while various facilities such as shrines and temples, a seaside resort and the latest shopping facilities are concentrated in the downtown area, making Fukuoka a very attractive and delightfully compact city possessing both Japan’s traditions and innovation.

Comparison of Access Times from Domestic Airports to Downtown Areas
City Transportation(Distance/Time)
(Fukuoka - Hakata Station)
(Haneda - Tokyo Station)
Limited Express Train(20km/36min)
(Narita - Tokyo Station)
(Kansai - Osaka Station)
(Kansai - Kyoto Station)
Singapore Train(18km/30min)
Bangkok Train(30km/20min)
Incheon Train(30km/33min)
Major city, but low-cost and Stress-freeYou should take note of the city’s cost effectiveness!

Food prices in Fukuoka are the cheapest among 20 major cities in Japan. The city’s general consumer prices excluding house rent are the second cheapest among the cities. Such high cost effectiveness is one of Fukuoka’s charms. According to a survey conducted by the Nikkei Research Institute of Industry and Regional Economy on 1,000 business people across Japan, Fukuoka ranked top in the list of best places to live among other cities in the country, while the city also ranked 12th in the world in the city evaluation of British magazine “MONOCLE” in 2015.