Educational Tour

Experience Programs

Fukuoka has variety of experience programs to enjoy, from Japanese cultural experience to visiting museums to appreciate art. Here are some programs you can not experience in tours.
Experience Programs
Japanese Hakata Cultural Experience Programs

Fukuoka City Rinkai Factory Recycle Plaza

Some schools organize overseas school excursions or language-learning programs, and have sister schools in other countries to develop mutual international understanding and exchange.
Many students from overseas are actually visiting schools in Kyushu to have international exchange. They spend a few hours participating in activities such as attending class, having cultural exchange, interaction in club activities, or having lunch with the students. In just few hours, students become friends with each other which lead to an unforgettable experience.

Fruit Picking

There are many fruit picking sites in Fukuoka prefecture that is within 1 hour bus ride from Fukuoka city. Various Japanese fruits such as strawberry, apple, grape, pear, tomato, blueberry, kiwi, persimmon, mandarin orange, etc., which are famous for their sweet deliciousness can be picked and tasted. Depending on the country, you can bring home this fresh fruits for souvenir to your home.

Appreciation of Theatrical Performances

There are several theaters in Fukuoka city, where you can enjoy musicals, plays, and Japanese traditional entertainment Kabuki. Depending on the facility, there are student discounts. Please ask each theater for details.

Hakataza Theater

Appreciation of Art

Since Fukuoka city had strong relations with the Asian continents geographically and historically, there are many museums in Fukuoka with art works that deals with Asia. For example, there are "Fukuoka Asian Art Museum" that is the only museum in the world that collects and exhibits Asian modern and contemporary art, and "Kyushu National Museum" the 4th national museum focusing on the history of exchange between Japan and other parts of Asia.

Kyushu National Museum
Fukuoka Art Museum
Fukuoka City Museum
Fukuoka Asian Art Museum

Watching Professional Sports

You can see many professional sports in Fukuoka, for example, professional sumo wrestling, professional baseball, professional soccer, professional basketball, and professional rugby.

Fukuoka Softbank Hawks (Baseball)
Avispa Fukuoka (Soccer)
Rising Fukuoka (Basketball)
Fukuoka Asian Art Museum
Top League (Rugby)