Convention News & Report

Convention News & Report

The 41st Nakasu Festival

at 2016/10/24

Nakasu Festival is coming soon and it will make the streets of Nakasu busy with an enormous crowd again!

Nakasu Matsuri

The festival site in Nakasu will be filled with lively and festive atmosphere with such events as “Nakasu Kunihiro Onna Mikoshi,” in which about 500 women with happi coats run through the town of Nakasu carrying a portable shrine, and Oiran Dochu, the march by beautiful geisha girls.

The festival will also feature dynamic performance of traditional Japanese drum (Kawasuji Daiko and Nowa Daiko) on the special stage.

The Nakasu Odori Avenue will be turned into a pedestrian paradise and lined up with many stalls offering foods, drinks and other items. Many eating spaces will be set up around the festival site.

This year, the festival will also feature Nakasu Halloween Night 2016.
Huge monuments will be seen on Nakasu Odori Avenue and at many other spots. There will also be Costume and Karaoke Competition as well as free pumpkin soup giveaway!

◆October 28th (Fri)
– Oiran Dochu (Geisha March on Nakasu Odori Avenue) 8:20 PM –

◆October 28th (Fri) – 29th (Sat)
– Nakasu Kunihiro Onna Mikoshi (Women’s Portable Shrine March): Departs from Kunihiro Shrine on 28th at 7:30 PM / Departs from Kunihiro Shrine on 29th at 7:00 PM
*The march will depart from Kunihiro Shrine and go through the central part of Nakasu.
– Fierce Battle! Student Pro-Wrestling – The Greatest K Series – (Seiryu Park Special Stage) 7:30 PM –
Costume and Karaoke Competition (at Kunihiro Shrine in 5-chome, Nakasu): 28th 7:50 PM – / 29th 7:30 PM –
– Kawasuji Daiko (drum performance) (at Kunihiro Shrine in 5-chome, Nakasu): 29th 7:00 PM – 
– Nowa Daiko (drum performance) (at Kunihiro Shrine in 5-chome, Nakasu): 28th 9:20 PM – / 29th 9:00 PM –

◆October 27th (Thu)
The 12th Nakasu Hashigozake Taikai (Bar Hopping Event)
Entry 7:30 PM – / Start 8:00 PM – / Exchange for Prize 9:30 PM
(Entry and Exchange Office: Fukuhaku Deaibashi Bridge)
In this greatly popular event, which is held on the eve of Nakasu Festival, you can enjoy hopping from one bar to another drinking place for very cheap prices.
Hop through 3 bars, collect the stamps and exchange the stamped card with a prize!
The discount advance ticket for the event is now available at Lawson branches around Japan.
Lawson Ticket (L Code:84956)
DOS (Doors): 3,500 Yen
ADV (Advance Tickets): 3,000 Yen

Nakasu Festival Official Website (Only in Japanese)

◆Dates held
October 28th (Fri) & 29th (Sat), 2016
*The bar hopping event (Nakasu Hashigozake Taikai) is held from 8 PM to 9:30 PM on October 27th.

Nakasu Area

Get off at Nakasukawabata Subway Station