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Hakata-Ori and Hakata-Ningyo have been reborn!

at 2018/02/20
Fukuoka City’s “Traditional crafts for inbound tourists” development project
Hakata-Ori and Hakata-Ningyo have been reborn!
The traditional crafts, Hakata-Ori and Hakata-Ningyo, are the pride of Fukuoka and as such, we’d like to share the charm and the wonder of these crafts with more and more people. With that in mind, and with the hope of giving a ‘Fukuoka-esque’ feeling to the many people who visit from all around the world, we decided to embark on a new project. The Project Team ‘Hakata Kogei Lovers’ is made up of Hakata-Ori weavers and Hakata-Ningyo artists as well as local designers, radio DJ’s of various nationalities, marketers and facilitators. In addition, we have designers who are working oveseas as special advisers to our project. Through market research, we were able to hear the voices of tourists who came from overseas, of international students, of foreign buyers, of designers and of our own team. And from all of these voices, a new kind of Hakata-Ori and Hakata-Ningyo was born.


Beautiful wrapping
A ‘furoshiki’ style drawstring wrap pouch
Overflowing with Japanese style, this eye-catching furoshiki pouch can easily become a part of your everyday life. The pouch is made with Hakata-Ori, a fitting companion to a kimono but a perfect match with your regular wear as well. It’s great as a little accessory bag, to hold cosmetics or to even take with you on outings or when you travel.
●Large Kenjo-pattern pouch (2 colors) 7000 yen each
●Small Cherry blossom pattern or Checkered pouch (5 colors) 4000 yen each

Hakata-Ori DIY KIT
Make it yourself with Hakata-Ori
Using Hakata-Ori fabric, with these cute little kits, anyone can easily make beautiful, original accessories. There are a number of patterns to choose from and as you craft the one that suits you best, feel the tradition of this Ori fabric, celebrating 777 years of history.  
●Bow Tie (10 colors) 2500 yen each
●Earrings or Clip-ons (10 colors) 1500 yen each
●Bracelet (10 colors) 1300 yen each
インバウンド向け伝統工芸品DIY KIT


Fukukaburi neko
A Fukuoka cat to bring good fortune
Cats love boxes and bags. As soon as they spot one, they jump in and make it their own. It’s that very charm that inspired this adorable cat. In Japanese, ‘fuku o kaburu’ can be read as ‘covered with a bag’ or ‘covered with good fortune’ and looking at it all together, ‘fukuokaburu’, you can also see Fukuoka in there, making this auspicious kitty uniquely Fukuoka’s. 
[Hakata-Ningyo Craftsman  Tarou Osoegawa]
●White, Tabby, Calico and Siamese (4 colors) 3500 yen each

*Prices do not include tax

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Available to buy from 2/8 Admission to the Museum is free
Museum hours: 10:00-18:00 Closed on Wednesdays
6-1 Kamikawabatamachi, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka (Next to Kushida Shrine)

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