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World Class Access
Fukuoka City has one of the best access in the world for its convenient access from the airport. Fukuoka Airport has 22 Domestic Flights and 16 International Flights mostly to the principle Asian cities. It is only 5 minutes by subway from the airport to the railway hub Hakata station and 10 minutes to the downtown Tenjin.

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Internationally Recognized City
Fukuoka often appears on ratings released by international magazines as one of the top cities in Asia, starting from Asiaweek in 1997, 1999, and 2000 and Newsweek 2006 issue, in which it was chosen as one of the World's 10 Hottest Cities among other giants like Las Vegas, Munich and London.
The English magazine “MONOCLE”, which conducts a survey for 25 most livable cities in the world every year, also picks up Fukuoka regularly. In this year’s summer edition, the City was named as the 14th most livable city in the world, ranking higher than other big names like Hong Kong, Singapore and Paris.
MONOCLE introduced Fukuoka as “a model of urban renewal” and “a tourism dynamo”, referring to its City Hall’s unique initiatives including provision of a wider free wi-fi zone, renewal of the central park and forming a economic cooperative relationship with Busan Korea.
The 2nd Most Popular Japanese Destination for Conventions

In the survey conducted by JNTO (Japan National Tourist Organization) on the annual number of conventions held in each city, Fukuoka ranked the 2nd next to Tokyo in the last two years in a row. The City’s analysis accounts for this increasing attention for its relatively lower cost of holding a convention, access efficiency toward and within the city, the urban yet relaxing atmosphere of the city of good size. With many of the large-scale international conventions are to be held this year including SIU2012, Golden Oldies World Rugby Festival, Universal Design Congress, Lions Clubs International OSEAL Forum among all the over 200 international conventions, the city’s expertise and capacity for receiving such events are bound to be improved.
Year Rank 1 2 3 4 5
2009 City Tokyo Fukuoka Yokohama Kyoto Nagoya
Num 497 206 179 164 124
2010 City Tokyo Fukuoka Yokohama Kyoto Nagoya
Num 492 216 174 156 120

Kyushu Island's Largest Convention Zone
Fukuoka's convention zone is located at a waterfront site approximately 4.5km from Fukuoka airport and 2km from city center downtown. The zone comprises 4 facilities, Fukuoka International Congress Center with the latest equipments, Fukuoka Kokusai Center and Marine Messe Fukuoka with multipurpose event halls, and Fukuoka Sunpalace with auditorium and hotel. These 4 facilities are used together for various events such as congresses, conferences, conventions, and exhibitions.

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Reasonable Prices to Hold a Congress
Prices of meeting rooms and exhibition halls in Fukuoka City are more reasonable than other large cities. Not just convention facilities, prices of hotels and restaurants are also lower, which is helpful for both congress organizers and participants.
Various Types and Numbers of Accommodation Facilities
Fukuoka offers a broad range of accommodation facilities-from internationally well-known hotel groups to family-run Japanese inns. There are more than 200 hotels offering approximately 22,000 rooms, which are clustered principally in downtown Tenjin and Hakata station districts.

Fukuoka Accommodation Facilities (PDF)

Fukuoka-Safe, Clean and Compact City with World Class Access
Fukuoka City is recognized as a safe, clean and compact city by delegates. This is for its easy access within the city. By foot or by using the public transportation, you can visit many of the tourist spots in less than 20 minutes. Major accommodation and convention facilities along with after convention entertainment spots are located all within the city's center, which allows smooth access to visitors.

FukuokaCityMap Download(PDF)

Hospitality and Friendliness of The Residents
Fukuoka City with more than 2,000 years of history flourished as a diplomatic point in Japan from ancient times, accepting foreign cultures. Living in this environment, the people of Fukuoka has accepted visitors naturally with warm hospitality. This friendliness is always appreciated by congress participants.
The Volunteer Spirit of The Citizens
Many of the Fukuoka citizens have volunteered to contribute to the successful organization of international congresses. FCVB and Fukuoka City will collaboratively organize a group of multi-lingual volunteers to support the organizers. Please consult with us for further details.
Rich and Varied Food Culture
You can enjoy the fresh seafood from the Genkai sea, the Tonkotsu Ramen(noodles in milky pork bones soup), Mizutaki (Hot pot dish of Fukuoka with boiled chicken), Fugu (Blowfish) Cuisine, the Hakata's specialty from the yatai (street strolls), with bars and restaurants in the largest entertainment quarter in Kyushu, Nakasu. Not just Fukuoka's traditional dish, there are many restaurants serving dishes from all other the world, such as French, Italian, and Asian.


Varied and Enticing Excursion Plans
There are various courses within and outside the city, from half day to full day trips for everyone to enjoy. Fukuoka is unique in having both urban attraction and the beauty of traditional rural lives. Visit Fukuoka City’s tourism websites for more information: We also offer first-hand help in planning the excursions. (Contact FCVB:
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