Support menu for Event Organizers

One-stop services at Meeting Place Fukuoka(MPF)

We provide tailored support in accordance with any purpose such as international/domestic conferences, and incentive/study tours. Holding events in Fukuoka will offer better-than-expected satisfaction to you.
Choosing a Location for the Event
①Provision and Rental of Advertisement and Media Materials

When you decide on a candidate location for your event, we will provide the necessary advertisement and media materials.

②Inspecting the Venue

At Meeting Place Fukuoka, we will handle all the necessary arrangements so that you can visit convention and lodging facilities to ensure they meet your standards.

③Compilation of Estimates and Proposals

At your request, we will compile the estimates and proposals required for your event.

④Subvention system for holding conventions*

For conventions, the host cities of which have yet to be decided and which are promoted to be held in Fukuoka city through the provision of subventions, we have a system to provide subventions according to the total number of participants and so forth.

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webpagesMaking Preparations after Hosting Venues are Set
①Supply of Pamphlets and Other Materials

a.Fukuoka Sightseeing Pamphlets
 (Languages: Japanese / English / Korean / Traditional Chinese / Simplied Chinese)
b.Fukuoka Cuisine & Souvenir Guidebook (Japanese Only)
c.Nakasu Food Map (Japanese Only)

②Unique Party Options

In addition to the usual hotel options, we will also introduce you to some unique party locations and lovely reception venues unavailable anywhere else.

③Volunteer Tour Guides and Interpreters

Upon your request, we can refer you to volunteer tour guides and interpreters to help make your stay more comfortable.

④Cooperation with Advertising Initiatives

We will provide materials and DVDs required for your advertising initiatives, and also handle functions such as contacting related institutions and making sure your event is listed on the appropriate web pages

⑤Support for foreign participants

For organisers who hope to hold Japanese culture experience programmes, we introduce organisations offering experience programmes of tea ceremony, flower arrangements, etc.

⑥Assistance and Welcome Speeches

Depending on certain conditions, the city of Fukuoka and the Fukuoka Convention & Visitors Bureau will deliver a welcome speech to the participants, and provide additional assistance in the handling of your event.

At Convention Time*
①Supply of Welcome Signs and Traditional Performances

Depending on certain conditions (number of participating countries, scale of the event, etc.), Meeting Place Fukuoka will provide and set up welcome signs for large-scale convention events, or carry out traditional performances for participants to enjoy free of charge(1 type of performance).

[Examples of Welcome Signs]
- Welcome signs and an information desk at Fukuoka Airport.
- Welcome banners on the information display board “Sora Net Vision” at Fukuoka Airport, etc.
- Welcome banner at the Shinkansen entrance in Hakata Station, etc.

[Examples of local performing arts to be oered]
- Hakata Koma (traditional top spinning performance)
- Kinjishi Taiko (Japanese drum), Hakata Minyo (local traditional dance), etc.

②Referrals to Traditional Artists

We can provide referrals to traditional artists who can carry out performances as part of your conven-tion’s opening ceremony or reception, at special convention bureau prices.

③Dontaku Happi Coat Loans

One of the major festivals in Hakata is 〝Hakata Dontaku.″ The happi coats used in this festival are available for use in promotional applications related to previous years’ conventions, or for reception staff during the hosting of your event.

Support menus for incentive tours

For incentive tours to stay one or more nights in Fukuoka city, we offer various support menus.

1.Giving guidebooks(For more than 10 people)

Groups of 10 or more guests will receive the “Fukuoka City Visitor’s Guide,” which includes discount and hospitality coupons for incentive tour participants. (Available in English, Korean, simplied Chinese, traditional Chinese, and Japanese)

2.Offering a set of a greeting card and illustrated postcards(For more than 10 people)

Groups of 10 or more guests will receive set of a welcome letter and Fukuoka tourism postcards.

3.Welcome ceremony at airport or port(For more than 100 people)

Staffs wearing a happi coat will welcome visitors by preparing a welcome banner. In addition, we will deliver a welcoming speech and present commemorative gifts associated with Fukuoka to representatives of incentive tours.

4.Performance of local performing arts(For more than 200 people)

At a welcoming ceremony or an awarding ceremony at a hotel, we will offer a free performance of any one of the local performing arts including koma-mawashi (top spinning performance,) taiko (Japanese drum,) and minyo local traditional dance.