Unique Plans and Entertainment (2)

Japanese Hakata Cultural Experience Programs

How would you like to experience Japanese culture? Here are some unique programs that can be held as one of the programs between congress or as a experience program in your incentive tour.

1. Japanese Culture Experience Programs

Flower Arrangement :

Flower Arrangement

Experience Japanese style flower arrangement.

Tea Ceremony :

Tea Ceremony

You can choose a course from either actually making tea, or a course simply tasting the Japanese tea (Maccha) and Japanese cake.

Kimono Wearing :

Kimono Wearing

For foreigners, wearing the beautiful kimono is a fascinating experience. After wearing the kimono, there will be a photo shooting.

Japanese Calligraphy :

Japanese Calligraphy

Writing calligraphy using brush and Japanese ink (sumi) is a unique experience.

2. Program at Hakata Machiya Folk Museum

Demonstration of Hakata doll painting
Demonstration of Hakata ori (weaving)

This exhibition is a replica of a house and town in Hakata during the Meiji and Taisho eras (around the turn of 20th century). The lifestyle and culture of the early 20th century are introduced. Traditional craftwork, such as the painting of the Hakata doll is also demonstrated. How would you like to experience Hakata culture within the Hakata’s historical architecture?

3. Program at "Fukuoka Kanko Kaikan Hakata"


At Fukuoka Kanko Kaikan "Hakata" , you can experience making the "Karashi-mentaiko" (pickled cod roe in chili), which is one of the nationally known food of Hakata. There are also restaurants to taste the Hakata Ramen (noodle) and souvenir shops.

4. Appreciation of Traditional Japanese Entertainment

It is possible to arrange a viewing of the traditional Japanese entertainment, such as "Noh", "Kyogen", and "Kabuki".

Japanese Entertainment