Unique Plans and Entertainment (4)


There are hundreds of restaurants and bars, each with their own special atmosphere, for delegates to enjoy after congress.
Fukuoka offers wide selection of restaurants and bars, from local Japanese tastes such as fresh fish and sushi from the nearby sea, Hakata Ramen(noodles in pork soup), and tempura, to Asian, French, Italian, and Fusion cuisines.

1. Fukuoka's Nightlife District, Nakasu


Nakasu is the place to go after dark. This is the largest nightlife entertainment quarter in Kyushu, where many business men gather for a drink after work. There are over 2,000 restaurants and bars along the river, and the neon lights are worth to look at.

2. Street Stalls


One of the special features of nighttime Fukuoka is "yatai", street stalls which appear on the streets in the evening in Nakasu, Tenjin, and other areas. Yatai offer a range of hot tasty foods including Hakata Ramen(noodles served in pork broth) and a chance to rub shoulders with the locals.

To Yatai (Street Stalls)

To Hakata Ramen

3. Hakata Bay Cruises "Mariera"


Fukuoka is blessed with a large natural harbor, Hakata Bay, which in 1274 and 1281 came under attack from Mongolian forces dispatched by Kublai Khan. On both occasions enemy forces were defeated with the help of timely typhoons. It is now possible to cruise this tranquil bay, with or without an accompanying meal, on the "Mariera". The vessel is also available for hire to large groups for parties.

4. Japanese Style Ryotei Restaurant & Hakata Geisha


There are still Japanese style Ryotei (Restaurants) in Fukuoka city, and you can enjoy the dance performance by Hakata Geisha while having delicious Japanese Kaiseki Cuisine.

5. Nakasu Yakata-Bune


How would you like to ride on a yakata-bune (a ship) between the river of Fukuoka's entertainment district, Nakasu, and enjoy Japanese culture? You can view the city lights of Nakasu, while having seafood barbeque, Hakata's specialty hot pot dish, Tempura or Sushi.