Incentive Tour

Fukuoka's appeal as a destination

Sales point
  • (1) World Class Access
    …The international direct flight destinations are expanding, as well as existing one-stop connections with major Asian hub airports.
  • (2) Japan’s Most Popular Seaport for Cruise Ships
    …Over 80 cruise ship calls are planned for 2012. The reason for the popularity is the geological proximity to China & Korea, also the location of Hakata Port only 10 minutes drive from City’s center.
  • (3) Railway Hub of Southern Japan
    …Kyushu Shinkansen (Bullet train) route opened entirely in 2011 to connect Fukuoka with all the major city in Kyushu within 80 minutes. The JR will also offer you a comfortable and swift access to Hiroshima(1 hour), Osaka, Kyoto and Kobe (3 hours) from Fukuoka. (Check with JR for international visitor’s JR Pass)
  • (4) Shopping & Tourism Center of Kyushu
    …The city is magnetizing even more visitors both from Japan and overseas after remodeling of Hakata Station as a giant shopping complex. Your tour group can enjoy shopping in downtown and have a one-day tour all around Kyushu.
  • (5) Safe and Compact City
    …Fukuoka City was featured in many international magazines for its high QOL. The English magazine MONOCLE recognized it for its City Hall’s project for City’s beautification (a “face-lift of the central park”) and the visitor-friendly infrastructural improvement (wi-fi provision led by the City government) → FukuokaCityMap Download(PDF)
  • (6) Attractive Courses only in Fukuoka
  • (7) Various Festivals and Events
  • (8) Fukuoka’s Pride- Food Culture
    … One of the main reasons why Japanese tourists visit Fukuoka is its wide-range top-of-the-class local dining culture. Your choices of restaurants will vary from the typical street food stalls to world-class French and Italian restaurants.
  • (9) Wide Range of Accommodation Facilities
    … As of August 2012, over 20000 rooms are available within the City’s central area including budget-friendly inns to 5 star international hotels.
    Fukuoka Accommodation Facilities (PDF)
  • (10) Reasonable Prices

See the following for more details;

Fukuoka's Shopping

linkYokanavi [ Shopping ]

Fukuoka's Shopping
Fukuoka's Local Tastes

linkYokanavi [ Eat & Drink ]

Fukuoka's Local Tastes
Kyushu’s Hot Springs
Kyushu’s Hot Springs

* Kyushu is famous for its abundant onsen(hot springs) and are loved by guests from all over the world.

Major Tourist Sites in Kyushu

By using the rapid train and highway bus, you can easily travel to major tourist sites in Kyushu.

linkYokanavi [ Visit ]

Major Tourist Sites in Kyushu
Services for Incentive Tour
1. Welcome ceremony at the airport or the port
・ For 100 or more participants within a tour, the representative of Fukuoka Convention and Visitors Bureau (FCVB) will give a welcome speech. A gift will be given to a representative of the incentive tour.
・ For 500 or more participants within a tour, local traditional cultural performance will be given at the welcome ceremony or the awarding ceremony.
2. Welcome greeting at the airport or the port (For every arrival to Fukuoka)
Staff from the FCVB will greet arrival guests.
3. Provision of Guidebooks
Fukuoka Visitors Guidebook (free) and welcome card (free) Foreign visitors can receive discounts at a particular hotel, shops, and tourist facilities.
4. Introduction of local traditional cultural performance with special discount rate
Taiko (Japanese drum) , Minyo (Folk song) , Hakata Koma (Hakata spinning top)
5. Others
Introduction and guidance of tourism, transportation, hotels, and banquet rooms.

Reasonable Prices

When you compare the consumer price with those of the other cities, you can see that Fukuoka has a moderate rate. One of the appeals of Fukuoka is that you can enjoy delicious foods and stay at hotels at inexpensive prices. Here is a chart to show you the comparison of consumer prices within major cities of Japan.

Regional Consumer Price Comparison (National Average=100)

City 2003 2004 2005 2006
Sapporo 103.2 103.0 103.3 103.1
Tokyo 110.1 110.4 110.9 111.0
Yokohama 109.3 109.6 110.1 110.1
Nagoya 105.1 104.5 104.3 104.5
Kyoto 105.0 105.1 105.6 105.7
Osaka 106.9 106.9 107.0 107.0
Kobe 103.3 103.1 103.8 103.9
Fukuoka 100.4 100.2 100.4 100.4