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Fukuoka in International Magazines

at 2009/09/04

*Updated on May 2nd, 2011



MONOCLE, the English magazine introduces the top 25 most livable cities in the world along with the ratings in the annual survey it conducts over all the cities in the world.

Fukuoka is a regular in this ranking besides only two other cities in Japan- Tokyo (3rd in 2009 -> 4th in 2010) and Kyoto(21st in '09 -> 23rd in '10), steadily climbing up in the ranking every year.

In the July/August 2010 edition, Fukuoka ranks 14th with a heading "Japan's eigth largest city punches above its weight in every way".

"- On the northern tip of far-flung Kyushu, Fukuoka has a subtropical climate and room to breathe. ... The city is considering introducing car-sharing and is set to experiment with renting out its official Mitsubishi electric cars for free to registered members of the public to raise awareness of the need to reduce CO2 emmissions. The cost of living is attractive too: rents are at least a third cheaper than Tokyo."

"-Fukuoka City is the third largest gateway to Japan for Asia when adding the numbers going through Fukuoka Airport and the Port of Hakata."

"-The City subsides citizens who install solar energy systems in their homes "


Convene, the north-American magazine of the professional convention management association, featured on three Japanese cities; Tokyo, Okinawa and Fukuoka in its December 2010 edition.

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We are happy to see how Fukuoka is gathreing increasing attention from international media.

Come to our city and find out for yourselves what these reporters found a nice surprise and most pleasing experience in Japan !