Convention News & Report

Convention News & Report

HMF 19 was held in Fukuoka

at 2011/04/28

1-6 August, 2010


On occasion of HMF19 in Fukuoka, which was held at Fukuoka International Congress Center on the Application of High Magnetic Fields in Semiconductor Physics and Nanotechnology, a press conference was held to introduce the work and words of the Nobel Award winner Dr. K. von Klitzing.

The HMF received approx. 100 participants, half of whom were from 20 countries overseas, who enjoyed the opportunity of exchange with researchers of various generations in the same field of science study.

The conference was successfully closed with a very friendly atmosphere and the participants were off to discover the attraction of post-convention tours in Kyushu Island.

At the press conference, Dr. Klitzing and Professor Takeyama of Tokyo University, along with Mr. Muraki of NTT Basic Research Laboratories, gave positive remarks on Fukuoka city as the site for international conventions, particularly for its world-leading accessibility between the airport and the convention facilities and the relaxing atmosphere of the congress center rendering bright lights from the bay to the venue.

Professors also praised Fukuoka for having a very vibrant atmosphere in good comparison to metropolitans like Tokyo, and that even the first-time visitors would feel safe to go around by themselves, since the local people are very warm and hospitable.

 Such comments from those who are well-experienced in organizing international conventions are certainly very encouraging and educational to us in convention business.

 We renewed our pledge that all the convention-related entities of Fukuoka will commit themselves to reinforce the reception both facility-wise and human factor, considering the accounts and advice from the users.



August 6th, the day of the press conference happened to be the memorial day of Hiroshima Atomic Bombing and Dr. Klitzing remarked that he as a scientist feel personal responsibility for the effect of his work on world’s history.