Convention News & Report

Convention News & Report

International President of Lions Clubs made official vist to Fukuoka

at 2011/04/28


November 12, 2010


President Sid L. Scruggs of International Associations of Lions Clubs made an official visit to Fukuoka City and Fukuoka Prefecture from 11-15 November.


President Scruggs visited Fukuoka Prefecture’s Governor Wataru Aso and the City’s Deputy Mayor Hiroyuki Takada to find the warmest welcome from both leaders of municipality.

Governor Aso conversed with President Scruggs in a friendly manner and discussed the potential of Fukuoka as the site for large-scale international conventions.


Deputy Mayor Takada also emphasized on how the city is loved by the residents and visitors alike with its warm-hearted hospitality and beautiful combination of urban function and natural beauty.


President Scruggs presented the flag of his theme “ the Beacon of Hope” and conveyed the message of Lions International, as well as the objectives of his calling on the representatives of the United States in the visiting countries, such as to disseminate the contribution and cooperation of the local Lions in the community and gain support from the outpost of US Government.

President Scruggs very kindly spent time on visiting the sites which are proposed to be the convention sites for Lions Clubs International Convention in 2016, which Fukuoka City’s Convention Bureau is trying to bid for. He was pleased by the suggested facilities and hotels, endorsing that they would be sufficient to host LCI’s Convention.


For the rest of his stay in Fukuoka, President Scruggs also visited the American Consulate, as well as the city of Sasebo, where he spent some days in his 20s as a pilot of US Navy. He received a red-carpet welcome at a hospital where local Lions donated precious device for eye-surgery, and at traditional pottery house and traditional tea ceremony which were organized by local Lions.

After the intensive schedule of seminars and receptions, President Scruggs left Fukuoka being missed by all the people he met during his stay.


**International Convention of Lions Clubs is:

a) The biggest event held by International Association of Lions Clubs with a view to mutual exchange of Lions from all over the world.

b) Held annually for 5 days gathering around 15000-25000 participants from approx. 205 countries and regions.

c) held in Japan three times in the past; twice in Tokyo and once in Osaka. 30000 people participated in Osaka’s Convention in 2002.

d) with major events such as international parade, seminars and lectures, international shows, award-giving ceremonies, social programs, etc.