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Convention News & Report

Fukuoka Ranks the 2nd in the Number of International Conventions!!

at 2011/04/28

December 2nd, 2010


Japan National Tourism Organization released the result of their national survey on international conventions held in Japan in 2009.

Fukuoka ranked the 2nd, next to Tokyo, for having hosted 206 international conventions during the year 2009 in this survey, which is 34 conventions plus the last survey. Next to Tokyo, Fukuoka was also the first city to have hosted more than 200 international conventions during a year.

This survey is only one of the kinds conducted nationwide on international conventions, which JNTO releases based on the reports from bureaus of all Japanese cities.


The distinction of Fukuoka’s convention is that the majority of them are Asian-related (32% among all) and organized by the universities (45% among all).

This result accounts for the city’s trait itself, having universities as hub of international research and conventions, having a large-capacity and newly facilitated international convention facilities as well as a sufficient capacity of hotels in the central area, which are supported by frequent access of direct flights from Asian countries.


It is also evaluated that Fukuoka’s systematic approach for inviting conventions, the joint attempt by the City Government, Convention Center (facilities) and Convention Bureau to give support to the organizers of universities and companies, is unique and having visible effect.


We are very pleased that our attempts are bearing fruit, which we regard as the sign that conventions are playing a major role in boosting the city’s economy. As the convention bureau of the city of the longest history of international exchange in Japan, we appreciate the continued cooperation by the industry and academia to increase the capacity for international conventions.



The Numbers of International Conventions by City: 2009

City Name

Number of Conventions

Tokyo Metropolitan Area











*The Definition of International Conventions by JNTO: Conventions organized by International Institutions/Entities or Domestic Institutions/Entities that has 50 participants or more from more than 3 different countries