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Convention News & Report

Golden Oldies Secretariat visited Fukuoka City Mayor

at 2011/05/11

May 11, 2011

Ryoko Baba

The 4 reprisentatives from the Secretariat Office of Golden Oldies World Rugby Festival made an official visit to Fukuoka City Hall today.


The GO Festival is a world-scale convention of rugby players over the age 35, with average age being 55. In the 2010 Festival held in Sydney saw approx. 3,500 players and their accompanying persons from 15 different countries.

The Fukuoka's 2012 Festival will be the 19th round of Golden Oldies, and the very first time in Asia in its history since 1979.  

Festival Manager Mr. Tibbutt of Air NewZealand said they think it is meaningful to hold their first-in-Asia event in Fukuoka Japan, especially during the aftermath of the earthquake to show support by all the GO members.

Mayor Takashima was also pleased to hear that the delegates feel relaxed to be in Fukuoka, as the city reminds them of where they come from; NewZealand, the USA and Australia, and they are positive that the participants would feel the same way.


With the 2019's Rugby World Cup to be held in Japan, the 2012 Festival in Fukuoka will also be a significant touchstone of  the world-scale event.

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