What’s up in Fukuoka

What’s up in Fukuoka

Media tours Conducted by President of THAI Airways

at 2011/06/01

Reported on 24th,May,2011

                                                                 Ryoko Baba




This media tour has been conducted by the president of Thai Airways International with a strong will to extend support for recovery of Japan, having seen the grave damage on tourism business here during his visit to Tokyo last month.


The delegation consisting of THAI Airways executives accompanied by officials and crews of major Thai media companies (3 newspapers and 3 TV stations) visited Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka before coming to Fukuoka. The press crew covered 6 different destinations including Shirakawago village and Hida-Takayama in north of Japan within the 5-days of highly intensive itinerary.


 It’s been nearly 20 years since THAI Airways launched its daily direct flights between Fukuoka and Bangkok in 1992. This media tour was arranged as a token of the cordial relationship between the two cities, fostered on the basis of the intimate contribution by the airline.  Fukuokan people welceomed the Thai visitors with deepest gratitude for their long-term friendship.




 The group made a courtesy visit to Fukuoka City’s Deputy Mayor Mr.Yamasaki and enthusiastically asked about Fukuoka’s food and sightseeing spots, showing the strong motivation to create programs to deliver the attraction of Japan, overcoming the negative image after the disaster.


A popular reporter from TV station Poly Plus further made an individual interview to Mr.Nakagawa, the Chief Executive of Economic Promotion Bureau.

On mentioning safety of food with regard to the nuclear pollution, Mr. Nakagawa emphasised how distant Fukuoka is from the afflicted site (more than 1000km away) and how regular radiation checks are conducted to assure safety in this region.

They both intended to show Thai people what Fukuoka is like today, just as it is, to prove there is nothing to be concerned about when coming to Fukuoka.



After the visit to the City Hall, the delegation  attended a luncheon party organized by the City Hall. The venue was decorated with poster panels which were created by the local high school students on the image of Thailand, which was part of projects conducted by Fukuoka City and Fukuoka Airport Building Co., Ltd. Fukuoka City Airport Affairs Department has also been arranging monitoring tours for high school teachers in Fukuoka to visit Thailand with a view to increasing traffic of educational tours.



The tourism industry of Japan is under steady recovery from the disaster. FCVB would like to express heartfelt appreciation to THAI Airways and the people of Thailand for their encouraging support.

We look forward to welcoming more visitors from Thailand as an effect of these provisions.