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Fukuoka is a forward-thinking hybrid event destination!

Fukuoka is a forward-thinking hybrid event destination!

Image of Fukuoka City Hybrid Events

In October 2020, Fukuoka introduced a two-prong hybrid subsidy system to promote safe events in Fukuoka which connect to the world, and funding has continued for the 2021-22 financial year. Hybrid events are those which have both an in-person and online component. 

The subsidy supports venues by providing up to 80% of funds to improve their hybrid products. This could include purchasing new hardware such as cables or switchers to improve their connectivity within the venue, or purchasing products for COVID-19 safety such as thermography equipment. 28 venues in Fukuoka city have received the subsidy so far, showing a strong industry desire for Fukuoka to become an international hybrid event destination of choice. In addition, new venues such as Marine Messe Hall BHakata International Exhibition & Conference Center, and Island-City Forum, which have all opened since 2020, have the latest hybrid technologies built in to their venues. This makes Fukuoka a world-class destination for hybrid meetings.

The subsidy also supports event organizers, by subsidizing the costs of COVID-19 safety and hygiene supplies for the in-person as well as costs for internet connectivity including software and vendors. If you are an organizer considering Fukuoka as a hybrid destination, contact for more details on the conditions and how to apply.

Fukuoka is an excellent event destination because of its international and domestic transportation connections, as well as top-class public transportation system. It only takes 5 minutes by metro from the airport station to the main railroad station, and a further 5 minutes to the Central Business District. Choosing Fukuoka as your hybrid event destination will ensure our experienced vendors and venues make your event a success.
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