Must-Have Experiences in FUKUOKA.

So many places to see, so many charms to feel and so many things to experience!
The place that you should never miss.
  • Must-have experiences in Fukuoka

    Now, Fukuoka City is said to be the most energetic city in Japan.
    Here are some recommended contents about "food culture", "areas where history and culture can be experienced", "spots that are full of nature", etc. that attract people to come to Fukuoka City!

  • A spring day in Nokonoshima

    Here comes the place that you never be able to miss.Nokonoshima Island Park where you can have the breathtaking view filled with bunch of field mustard and cherry blossoms.

  • A day in shikanoshima

    It's going to be the nice season to have a great time in Shikanoshima island like this!

  • Discover Fukuoka City

    There are many many fascinating things in Fukuoka. History, Places, Facilities, Attractions, Culture, People, and of course fantastic Food.Never miss FUKUOKA when you visit Japan!

  • Hakata Matsubayashi Goshin-ire

    In April 29, "Goshin-ire" where the gods are invited to the old style Kasa-boko of Hakata Matsubayashi, the origin of Hakata Dontaku, was held in Kushida Shrine. Please have a look at that. It is said that if you pass under the old style Kasa-boko of Sanpukujin (Fukujin, Ebisu, Daikoku), you can be in good health without any diseases and sicknesses. This will lead the parade at Dontaku Plaza during Hakata Dontaku.