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Updated Convention Subsidy Program

The Fukuoka Convention & Visitors Bureau is excited to announce the updated Convention Subsidy Program. Committed to supporting the growth of the convention industry in Fukuoka, these enhancements aim to provide even more comprehensive assistance to event planners seeking to host their conferences in our vibrant city.

The updated program offers a range of benefits, including financial subsidies, logistical support, and promotional assistance. This ensures that organizers can maximize the success of their events while experiencing Fukuoka’s unique cultural and professional offerings.

The updated Convention Subsidy Program offers increased financial incentives and streamlined application processes for domestic and international conference organizers. It makes it easier than ever to plan and execute conferences in Fukuoka. The program now includes expanded resources such as dedicated multilingual support staff for international conference organizers.

Please check here to find all the information: www.welcome-fukuoka.or.jp

These updates reflect our ongoing commitment to fostering collaboration and innovation within the global convention community, and we look forward to welcoming organizers from around the world to Fukuoka.