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Support Menu for Event Organizers

Support Menu for Event Organizers

One Stop services at Meeting Place Fukuoka (MPF)

We will provide tailored support to meet your needs, whether you are hosting conferences either domestically or internationally, or incentive and/or study tours. We aim to make your event as stress-free and convenient to you as possible.

Choosing a Location for the Event
①Provision and Rental of Media and Advertisement Materials

When you decide on a candidate location for your event, we will provide the relevant advertisement and media materials.

②Venue Inspection

At Meeting Place Fukuoka we will make the necessary arrangements for you to visit the convention and lodging facilities to ensure that they meet your standards.

③Compilation of Proposal and Estimates

Per your request, we will compile the proposals and estimates your event requires.

④Subsidy System for Conventions *

For conventions in which the host cities have yet to be determined but are promoted to be held in Fukuoka City via the provision of subsidy, we employ a subsidy system according to the total number of participants.
Click here for details.

Preparations once Venues are Decided
①Supplying of Pamphlets and Other Relevant Materials

Among the pamphlets we can provide are;
- Fukuoka Sightseeing Pamphlets
(Available in English, Japanese, Korean, as well as both Traditional and Simplified Chinese.)
- Fukuoka cuisine and Souvenir Guidebooks
- A food map of Nakasu.

②Unique Party Options

In addition to the usual hotel options, we will also introduce you to some unique party and reception venues unavailable elsewhere.

③Volunteer Tour Guides and Interpreters

Upon your request, we can refer you to volunteer tour guides and interpreters to help make your stay more comfortable.

④Cooperation with Advertising Initiatives

We will provide the required materials and DVDs for your advertising initiatives, and handle related tasks such as contacting the relevant institutions and ensuring your event is listed on the appropriate web pages.

⑤Support for Foreign Participants

For organizers who wish to hold Japanese culture experience programs, we will introduce organizations that offer tea ceremonies, flower arranging, and other traditional group activities.

⑥Assistance and Welcome Speeches

If the conditions are met the city of Fukuoka and the Fukuoka Convention and Visitors Bureau will deliver a welcome speech to the participants and provide additional assistance in the handling of your event.

At Convention Time
①Welcome Signage and Traditional Performances

Depending on the size of the event and number of participants, MPF will provide and set up welcome signs and even organize traditional performances for participants to enjoy free of charge (1 type of performance).

[Welcome Sign Examples]

- Welcome signs and an info desk at Fukuoka Airport.
- Welcome banners on the information display board “Sora Net Vision” at Fukuoka Airport, etc.
- Welcome banner at the Shinkansen entrance in Hakata Station, etc.

[Examples of local performing arts we offer]

- Hakata Koma (A traditional top spinning performance)
- Kinjishi Taiko (A traditional drum performance
- Hakata Minyo (A dance unique to the region)
- …and much more!

②Artist Referrals

If desired we can provide referrals to traditional artists who can perform at your convention’s opening ceremony or reception, at special hard to beat prices!

③Dontaku Happi Coat Loans

One of the major festivals in Fukuoka is ‘Hakata Dontaku’ and they feature a traditional garb known as the Happi coat. These coats can be made available for use in promoting your event or can be worn by the reception staff during the hosting of your event.