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Cultural Performances

We at the Fukuoka Convention and Visitors Bureau aim to make Fukuoka City a premier meeting, convention, and incentive destination. With our one stop services we are willing and able to provide you with any information or assurance that you may need.

Taiko, a traditional drum performance

A traditional drum performance with a long-spanning history in Fukuoka. Some of these performances are set to various different shows and dances such as the ‘Lion Dance’, which has been performed in Fukuoka for generations.
Pricing: Approximately 180,000 yen.

Hakata Kenban, a Traditional Geisha Performance

A dance performed by a Geisha set to Japanese instrumental accompaniment. A good way to gain a deeper appreciation for the rich Geisha culture in Fukuoka.
Pricing: Approximately 50,000 yen per person.

The Chikuzen Biwa, or Japanese Lute Performance

Ancient songs depicting myths and moments in Japanese history are yours to hear as you are serenaded by the ethereal sound of the Biwa, or Japanese lute. Said to originate in Fukuoka, you can also take part in lectures and lessons on the history and qualities of the instrument.
Pricing: Negotiable

Fukuokan Samurai Performance

The Hospitality Samurai are here! Here performers dressed as Samurai from the Fukuoka region will perform a variety of mock sword fights and dances for your viewing pleasure. Stage performances, commemorative photos, and historical lectures are also all available.
Pricing: Ranges from 45,000 yen to 85,000 yen

Hakata Minyo

A folk dance specific to Fukuoka city. Seamlessly combines tradition and modern touches for unique viewing experience, with musical accompaniment meant to reflect the seasons of the city.
Pricing: Approximately 100,000 yen.

Hakata Koma, or Spinning Tops

A performance involving the use of spinning tops unique to Fukuoka. Owing to the unique culture of spinning top performances it is a designated intangible cultural treasure of the region.
Pricing: Approximately 160,000 yen